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Caring For Your Sod

Did you take our advice and lay sod in your yard last fall? Now that spring has rolled around, how is your lawn looking? If your sod was watered correctly, we’re confident it’s rooted by now, but if you want to check for yourself, you can. You can check by lifting a corner of a section

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Let’s Talk About Sand

When you hear the word, “sand” what do you think about? Most people’s first thoughts take them directly to the warm sand between their toes at the beach. However, sand is used and enjoyed in a lot more situations than just a relaxing time at a beach vacation. Sand has many residential uses as well.

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To Sod, Or Not To Sod This Fall?

Summer said its final goodbyes, and we’re enjoying the cooler temperatures and the colors being painted by Mother Nature with the entrance of this new fall season in Georgia. According to the Farmer’s Almanac long range weather forecast for the Southeast, we will have above average temperatures of 65 degrees and below average precipitation of

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