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The Modern Victory Garden

  “Eat what you grow and grow what you eat,” is the battle cry of the modern victory garden. Previous generations were more self-sufficient. Perhaps they knew a thing or two that we should learn. During World War II, vegetable gardens were planted in front and back yards to show patriotism and support the nation’s

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Benefits of Topsoil

When it comes to creating a beautiful landscape in your yard, there is more to it than selecting and planting beautiful flowers. While you don’t have to listen to Walter Reeves every weekend to achieve a beautiful landscape, it does help to have some “know-how” in your knowledge base. Topsoil often gets overlooked, yet it

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Why Organic?

At Southern Landscape Supply, we offer premium organic planting soils and landscaping materials for your home and business. We’re proud of our carefully selected materials that we offer you, so you get the best quality for your landscaping needs. Why do we offer organic products? If you’re wondering why it’s important that we chose organic

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