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3 Tips for Autumn Landscaping

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As the bright blooms of summer give way to fall hues, it’s time to plan ahead. Keeping up with fall foliage makes a big impact but preparing for next year is just as important. By dividing the tasks up over the fall months, you can avoid a last-minute rush to beat winter’s unforgiving frost. Maintain a beautiful yard and set yourself up for a great spring with these three tips for autumn landscaping.

1. Decide What You Want

At some point, every gardener has a moment where they realize they want more of one plant or less of another. Instead of waiting until next year, take inventory now. Remove any underperforming plants or perennials you don’t like and make room for something you’ll love.

If plants have outgrown their designated area, now is a great time to divide them. If you have room, replant the divisions in another area. If not, give some away.

If you have tender bulbs needing indoor storage, wait until they have started turning from green to yellow or brown. Pulling them too early can rob them of the energy they need to perform well in the spring.

2. Amend the Soil

There’s plenty of reasons to amend the soil in the fall. Compost adds back the nutrients your plants depleted over the summer. Roots remain active and use nutrients into the cooler months — they don’t go dormant immediately.

Compost also restores areas where annuals were planted. Annuals are often heavy feeders, and the soil they come in isn’t always compatible with the surrounding dirt. Replacing the holes the annuals leave behind will do wonders for your overall soil health, so prepare it for next year’s plants and improve any nearby perennials.

3. Spruce Up the Mulch

As you pull annuals and cut back perennials when they fade, you are bound to have areas where the mulch is thinning or non-existent. Now is a great time to replace the mulch.

The new mulch will create a tailored look to compensate for missing plants. It insulates the ground and minimizes frost heave. It’s also much nicer to mulch in the autumn than in the summer heat.

With your plan in place, let Southern Landscaping Supply take care of the logistics with delivery of our top-quality compost and mulch. Contact us today to place your order.

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