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Sand and Gravel

All of Southern Landscape Supply’s sands and gravels are sold by the ton. They are a perfect accompaniment for the foundation of patios, walkways, retaining walls, deck bracing posts, and driveways. Flower gardens and vegetable gardens benefit with the added moisture and weed control properties of these natural, permanent sands, stones and gravel mixes.


#57 Stone Cumming, GA

Price per ton: $32.00

  • Made by crushing larger stones in a stone crusher. Then sifting the stones away from the sand
  • Mainly gray stones with a hint of blue in some
  • Average size is between a quarter and a nickel
  • Excellent drainage properties

Common uses:

  • French drains
  • Retaining walls base
  • Driveway base, before asphalt or concrete is poured
  • Pipe bedding for irrigation
  • Gravel roads


Crusher Run Cumming, GA

Price per ton: $28.00
Common uses:

  • Base layer for driveways and roads
  • Floor for sheds and parking pads
  • Base layer for fieldstone walkways and patios


Deco Pebbles Cumming, GA

Price per ton: $83.00

  • Perfect size pebbles for landscaping around patios, walkways, decks and gardens
  • Approximately the size of a golf ball


Pea Pebbles Cumming, GA

Price per ton: $78.00

  • Natural colored decorative stones
  • Offers permanent coverage
  • The pebbles help limit weeds and protect the soil from temperature extremes and also lend a natural look to your garden.

Common uses:

  • At front entrances to provide a professional look
  • For use with drainage projects
  • Under decks for esthetics and drainage
  • Flower gardens for moisture and weed control
  • Walkways


River sand Cumming, GA

Price per ton: $36.00

  • A fine sand comprised of quartz particles
  • Completely removed of any unwanted materials such as rocks, sticks, dust
  • Economical over bags of sand

Common uses:

  • Mix with soil for better drainage
  • Level lawns
  • Athletic field renovations and golf courses
  • Sand boxes, playscapes and playgrounds
  • Add to mortar or concrete for fieldstone patios and walkways


Sand Cumming, GA

Price per ton: $40.00

  • A very easy to use, fine sand
  • Very economical sand

Common uses:

  • Sand boxes, playscapes and playgrounds
  • Volleyball courts
  • Base for above-ground pools
  • Add to mortar or concrete for fieldstone patios and walkways


Granite Dust Cumming, GA

Price per ton: $30.00

  • Powdered granite, often referred to as paver sand

Common uses:

  • Foundation for stone pavers and flagstone patios
  • Used for any size job


Sod Dressing Cumming, GA

Price per ton: $37.00

  • Consists of 75% River Sand and 25% Compost
  • Helps to reduce thatch, along with aeration
  • Helps to improve drainage
  • Repeated use will help to alleviate problems with acidic, compacted clays
  • Put directly onto Bermuda grass or Zoysia grass as a topdressing
  • Works to level your lawn


Type 3 Rip Rap Cumming, GA

Price per ton: $37.00

  • Large rock that consists mainly of granite or limestone

Common uses:

  • Helps to protect rivers, creeks and ditches from erosion and scouring
  • Helps to stabilize deck supports
  • Dramatic landscaping
  • Ledging effects on sloped landscape

To Install:

  • Area needs to be compacted and stable before stone is applied
  • Install grass or mulch next to Rip Rap to help with stabilizing