Southern Landscape Supply offers a variety of excellent mulches for ground cover for planting beds, playgrounds, and for weed control and moisture retention. The different looks of our mulch are designed to complement every home’s outdoor décor. Search around here online, and come in to speak to our professionals about which mulch is best for your project. We deliver right to your home or will load it into your truck bed. All our mulch is free of stones, debris and soil.


Cypress Mulch

Cypress Mulch

$32.00/cubic yard

Made by grinding cypress trees from wetlands and swamplands, so it is resistant to wet rot

Insulates soil and plant roots from extreme temperature changes

Most popular for playgrounds and playscapes

Natural bug deterrent


Dyed Hardwood Mulches

Dyed Hardwood Mulches

$27.00/cubic yard

Dyed hardwood mulches are double shredded and color enhanced for consistency throughout. All dyes used are petsafe, non-toxic and bidegradable. Buying in bulk is much more economical than buying bags of mulch. Our mulches are designed to break down slowly over a year’s time or more.

Dyed Red Hardwood

Dyed Brown Hardwood

Dyed Black Hardwood


Hardwood Mulch

Hardwood Mulch

$22.00/cubic yard

Made with shredded bark from hardwood trees
Great for slopes and areas with erosion issues


Pine Mini-Nuggets

Pine Mini-Nuggets Mulch

$30.00/cubic yard

Made from natural pine bark

Adds a more rustic, chipped look to your décor

Will not compact, therefore allowing more water and oxygen to penetrate the soil

Dark, reddish brown

1” o 2” in diameter

No dyes added

Ideal for annual beds, with excellent water retention and weed prevention properties


Red Oak Mulch

Red Oak Mulch

$29.00/cubic yard

Made with red oak bark that is pulled apart and double shredded
Naturally dark brown in color, no dyes
The best mulch for retaining water

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